#USfoodEXPERIENCE: Six Regions

Brazilian gastronomy magazine Prazeres da Mesa, in partnership with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), will organize several lives on social networks about gastronomy in the United States. The initiative is part of the #USfoodEXPERIENCE campaign, which aims to promote United States cuisine and its excellence products. The lives will be conducted by prominent Brazilian chefs and broadcast on Prazeres da Mesa‘s Instagram. Chefs will be provoked to execute recipes from the six regions of the United States (Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, Pacific, West, and Midwest) with American products found in the Brazilian market. The last live will take place on July 3rd, a day before of the Independence Day. In this live the recipe will be a traditional, all-American recipe, rather than one of a specific region. The lives, free of charge, will be directed to anyone interested in deepening his/her knowledge of the United States’ culinary arts and learning recipes with American products found in Brazil.

Region: Pacific
Date and time: June 16 at 6 pm
Chef: Guga Rocha
U.S. products: Alaska Cod and Gekkeikan Black & Gold

Region: West
Date and time: June 17 at 6 pm
Chef: Carole Crema
U.S. products: Cherry and Almond Cream (Blue Diamond)

Region: Southwest
Date and time: June 21 at 6 pm
Chef: Paula Labaki
U.S. products: American Picanha, Asiago Caesar Brianna Sauce, and Tabasco Tomato Juice.

Region: Southeast
Date and time: June 24 at 6 pm
Chef: Cecilia Padilha
U.S. products: Pistachios, Dried Blueberry, and Marshmallow Rocky Mountain

Region: Midwest
Date: June 30 at 6 pm
Chef: Elisa Fernandes
U.S. products: Kidney Beans and Tabasco Sauce

Region: Northeast
Date: July 1
Chef: Duaine Clements
U.S. products: Pinto Beans, Almond Cream (Blue Diamond), and Tabasco Sauce

United States
Date: July 3
Chef: Viko Tangoda
U.S. products: Alaska Salmon, American Picanha, and Whiskey Buffalo Trace

#USfoodEXPERIENCE Campaign
ATO launched in March 2017 the promotional campaign #USfoodEXPERIENCE. It aims to support the promotion of U.S. food brands and is based on the James Beard Foundation Culinary Map, which divides the United States into 6 culinary regions. To learn more about the campaign and each culinary region, click here.