U.S. Food Link: July-August

To increase awareness of U.S. food and agriculture in international markets, Food Export-Midwest and Food Export-Northeast produce U.S. Foodlink, a bi-monthly newsletter and bi-weekly e-mail bulletin. These materials provide information about the latest developments in U.S. product trends, the retail and foodservice industry, as well as activities and events that are of interest to buyers of U.S. products. The newsletter and e-mail bulletin also feature products made in the Midwest and Northeast and provide buyers and importers of U.S. products with agricultural resources.

To access the July-August report, click in the link below.

For more information about U.S. Food Export and to sign up for the U.S. Foodlink newsletter, please send a message to or

About U.S. Food Export Midwest and Food Export-Northeast

Food Export Association of the Midwest USA (Food Export-Midwest) and Food Export USA-Northeast (Food Export-Northeast) are non-profit organizations composed of 13 Midwestern and 10 Northeastern state agricultural promotion agencies that provide U.S. companies with the programs and services needed to export and sell their products internationally. River Global represents the Food Export USA Associations in South America with a focus on the markets of Brazil, Chile and Colombia. To learn more about Food Export USA and its work in Brazil, access the link

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