High Quality American Apple in Brazil

The US Apple Export Council (USAEC) has announced the launch of a dedicated Brazil promotion program for US Apples. This is being made possible by funding granted from the ATP program through the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service.

The program is aimed to support U.S Apples export and increase its consumption in Brazil. Initially the emphasis will be on building industry relationships and providing technical support and education across foodservice and retail.

USAEC has selected River Global, with an office in São Paulo, Brazil, to serve as the In-Market Representative for the program. River Global is specialized in the Agricultural/Food & Beverage Industry in Latin America, having other offices in the region, including Chile and Colombia.

“The apple exporters of California, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia are excited to expand their marketing program and to partner with River Global in Brazil. It is the perfect market for high quality US apples grown by our shippers who have all major varieties available all year long and at much shorter transit than other origins.” — Will Callis, Executive Director, USAEC“

Brazil ́s large population and propensity for consumption of diversified fruits offers great opportunity for US apples ́ great variety. We look forward to being of support and working with the members of the USAEC in this new exciting program.” –Jose Madeira, River Global CEO

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