Contest “Best Brazilian Craft Beer 2021”

The contest promoted by Hop Growers of America will elect the best Hazy IPA-style beer in Brazil produced with American hops.

After a careful selection where only ten craft breweries in Brazil were chosen, the final stage of the first edition of the contest “HGA Best Brazilian Craft Beer 2021” takes place in the last week of November. An initiative of the Hop Growers of America (Association of Hop Producers) non-profit trade organization, which among its activities, has an international program to support and educate professionals in the sector.

During the selection process, representatives in Brazil sought the most reputable breweries on the market for highlighting their beers and those with the potential to import American hops and only 10 were selected to participate in the contest that aims to create a new Hazy IPA-style beer produced with American hops exclusively for the contest. But, of course, that may be on the shelves later.

The participants received 40kg of American hops divided into 4 varieties (Amarillo® BRAND VGXP01, Comet, Idaho 7®BRAND J-007 and Talus™ HBC 692, 10kg each). Among the breweries that compete and prepare their recipes are: Maniacs (Curitiba), Seasons (Porto Alegre), Dogma, Croma, Trilha, Molinarius (all São Paulo), Everbrew (Santos), Salvador (Caxias do Sul), Tarin (Nova Lima) and Startup UX Brew (Itupeva).

The three winning breweries will receive a refund from HGA’s representative in Brazil to purchase new American hops, and this award is divided into 1st place: USD1000; 2nd place USD500 and 3rd place USD250.

The Brewers Association Style Guidelines will be used to judge beers, and we will have experienced judges making the assessments. The winner ceremony will be private and will happen on December 7th. The results will be released on the Instagram @usfoodexperience

About HGA
Hop Growers of America is a non-profit trade organization focused principally on supporting hop producers through industry statistics and the development of commercial promotion and education activities. HGA provides updates on the progress of each crop year and the overall hop market through a schedule of releases linked to statistics and updates from the USDA and the International Hop Growers Convention (IHGC). HGA also offers educational seminars in prestigious international beer schools; attends trade fairs with samples of hops and beer, and materials with information about varieties and where to buy them, among other activities. To learn more, visit:

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