Cranberry Marketing Committee Promotes U.S. Cranberries to Influencers

On December 7th, the Cranberry Marketing Committee (CMC) held an in-person event in Sao Paulo at Farol Santander. The event was attended by approximately 30 guests, mainly influencers and chefs. The event aimed to promote the U.S. cranberries in the Brazilian market.

The guests were able to prepare and taste dishes made with U.S. cranberries by three well-known Brazilian pastrymakers and influencers: Roberto Strongoli, Carole Crema, and Lucas Corazza. The three of them are judges on the TV show “Que Seja Doce” and have their pastry shops in Sao Paulo. Initially, the emphasis of CMC’s activities in the country will be on building relationships with the sector and providing technical support and information to retail and industry professionals

Lucas Corazza Prepares Recipe with U.S. Cranberries
Promotional Invitation of the Event