Pet Food Institute Expands Presence in Brazilian Market

On December 15th, the Pet Food Institute (PFI), through a locally hired consultancy company, organized two webinars for U.S. exporters and Brazilian importers of pet food. ATO Sao Paulo provided market insights at both events.

On December 16th, PFI also sponsored a cat and dog adoption event in partnership with Cao Sem Dono. These events are part of PFI’s strategy that aims to expand its presence in the Brazilian market through the development of educational training and participation in pet food events in Brazil.

PFI at the event of pets adoption in São Paulo

What is PFI?
The Pet Food Institute, who manufactures the vast majority of all pet food and treats in the US, is committed to helping dogs and cats live long, healthy lives. PFI develops activities to help pet owners, veterinarians and professionals in the area by providing information on animal feed, nutrition, health, and safety.