Interview with Itamar Brancaleon, from Mother Earth Brew Co.

The United States Diplomatic Mission in Brazil, through the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), launched a two-year campaign in São Paulo on March 28, entitled #USFoodExperience (A gastronomic experience of the United States).

During these two years, lovers of excellence in cuisine will be able to experience typical ingredients, the richness of North American cuisine and the culture of each of the six gastronomic regions of the United States (Northeast, South and Southeast, Midwest, West and Pacific Coast ).

The first event of the campaign was the launch dinner #USFoodExperience, with the presence of the New York chef James Briscione - director of the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE). He presented the essence of North American gastronomic culture to a select group of chefs, journalists and opinion makers.

"As in Brazil, the gastronomy of the United States varies greatly according to the region of the country. Our goal is to share this diversity and these flavors with Brazilians ", says Chanda Berk, the Agricultural Consul in São Paulo and director of USDA's Agricultural Trade Office (ATO) in Brazil.

The menu featured different products from the United States, including Alaskan Sockeye salmon and Halibut, beef, Pinto beans, Brooklyn beers, Mother Earth beers, Jim Beam and wines from the main producing regions of the country.

We invited Mr. Itamar Brancaleon, from Mother Earth Brew Co., to participate in an interview.

1) Itamar, how was it like to participate at the launching event of the #USFoodExperience campaign?

It was extremely gratifying because in the event it was possible to present the three main types of craft beer produced by Mother Earth Brew Co. (Sin Tax, Bookoo and Calicream) to notable visitors of the food industry. It was also our first event in Brazil and it was gratifying to receive positive feedback from the visitors, which encourages us more and more to bring the brand to Brazil.

2) Tell us the history of Mother Earth Brew Co. in the United States?

Founded in 2008 by three passionate brewers from the San Diego region of California, United States, Mother Earth Brew Co. has one goal: to create distinctive craft beers that stimulate interactive conversation and the desire to take the next sip. From a modest garage to more than 6,500 m², Mother Earth Brew Co. maintains its original proposal - challenging even the most suspicious beer tester by creating products that are complex and pleasing to all palates and thus promote the art and Science of making homemade beer.

3) Tell us the main reasons that led to the selection of beers, tasted during t the launching event of #USFoodExperience campaign, highlighting historical and regional aspects of each.
For the launch dinner of #USFoodExperience campaign, three types of beer were sampled: a Stout, an India Pale Ale and a vanilla cream-flavored Ale.
The Sin Tax is our Stout, with coffee notes characteristic of a stout and soft touch of peanut butter, which provides high sensitive pattern among the flavors characteristic of a stout mixed with the taste of the ground peanut.
Bookoo is India's Pale Ale (IPA) from Mother Earth, one of the finest West Coast IPAs in the United States, offering fruity and pine notes with a dry aroma and finish.
Calicream is an Ale with vanilla cream bottom, with low bitterness and a unique flavor, totally new in the brewing market of Brazil. Produced with vanilla beans from Madagascar, it promises to be an innovative product, because of its taste that appeals to all palates, including those who are not fans of beers.
As previously stated, guests gave us positive feedback after sampling the product, with positive comments about Sin Tax and BooKoo for having fresh, striking and unique tastes and aromas in their categories, according to beer experts at Event, as well as a positive comment from a guest about CaliCream.

4) Where can we find it in Brazil?
Mother Earth Brew Co. craft beers are in the process of entering the domestic market and in the second half of 2017, they will be available in the best stores of the genre. To know more about the product and follow news about points of sale, go to Facebook page